Hac Te

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Brand Identity
Type Design

Hac Te is Barcelona’s new Hub focused on the exploration and development of the intersections between Art, Science and Technology. The Hub is a result of the coming together of nine institutions, striving to make the city a global centre for research, training, dissemination, transfer and production in these fields.

A diptych with a text on the left side and a tote bag on the right side. The text reads "Barcelonas New Art, Science, and Technology Hub".

Hinting at the future

The Barcelona Hub d’Art, Ciència i Tecnologia was reduced to Hac Te, a name which works as both a play between a descriptive acronym and the letters H and T in Catalán. Together, Hac Te phonetically makes a hint at the word hacked.

Hac Te’s visual language is centred on the concept of digital transformation, expressed graphically in a duality representing the amalgamation of Art and Technology. This duality is present in the logo, designed to represent both the Hub and Art, and is also part of the brand’s communication, which uses contradictory concepts beginning with H and T to describe it.

As part of the brand identity, we designed a secondary display typeface. Based on the form of the logo’s H character, the typeface is designed as a hybrid of sans-serif and pixel, aimed to compliment the visual language whilst making reference to early digital technology.

A diptych. On the left is a totebag displaying the HacTe logo, on the right are glyphs from the custom typeface we made.
Branded banners hanging outside the HacTe building.
An overhead view of admittance wristbands laid on a flat grey background.
An overhead view of a HacTe-published book, set on a light grey background.
A grid of branded business cards. One shows the information side, the others show the logo side.
Four stills from the brand manual, shot from an overhead view on a light grey background.



Designed at

Mucho Barcelona