Hombres de Fuego

Slowly burning

Art Direction

For Javier Limón’s third compilation album, Hombres de Fuego, he gathered together a group of the most talented flamenco artists from across Spain and Latin America.

The first two albums, Mujeres de Agua and Promesas de Tierra, spoke about perspectives from women, and young Palestinian and Israeli musicians, respectively. Hombres de Fuego focuses on flamenco from the male perspective.

For our part, we created vinyl, cd, and digital artwork that takes the name literally.

A detail of the album title with artwork behind it.
Overhead view of the album, showing the outer sleeve, inner sleeve, and vinyl record.

Building a fire

Using a variety of paints and inks in combination with a Rorschach printing technique, a 12-layer bonfire reflects the contribution from each of the album’s 12 songs. Thick oil paint becomes fingerprints and watercolor laps at the typography like flames.

An overhead view showing the inner sleeve and vinyl record.
An angled view of the back of the outer sleeve, inner sleeve, and vinyl record.
A detail view of the vinyl record, front and back.

Isolating an element

The singles artwork isolates each of these Rorschach prints to create ‘characters’ for each song.

An overhead view of the CD insert, showing song credits and lyrics.
An overhead view of the front and back of the CD version.
Three CDs on a flat off-white background.
Two phones on a couch displaying the single artwork in the Spotify UI.
Javier Limón

Designed at

Mucho Barcelona