Oddity Form

Finding the elusive

Brand Identity
Art Direction

Simple, elegant, design

Oddity Form is a high-end interior design firm based in Los Angeles that offers design services and vintage-sourced decorative objects. Kaela Cohen, its owner, approached me to develop a new brand that spoke to her elegant and natural style, with the constraint that it couldn’t be overcomplicated; she needed to be able to develop the brand on her own, as a company of one.

The Oddity Form logo.

The Brand Idea

Kaela’s unique interior designs and the rare objects in her collection created the foundation for the brand idea, 'Elusiveness you can’t help but notice.' What grew from this was a brand that focuses on saying more with less and which errs on the side of subtlety.

Two branded Instagram posts. One features the graphic system and text; the other has a picture of two vases.
A branded business card posed on a couch.
Branded tape positioned along the edge of a box.

A diptych with an image of curtains on the left side, and on the right side, a type composition featuring the Oddity Form logo and tagline.

How to make the subtle obvious

A small but versatile color palette combines in different ways to signify luxuriousness, clarity, or vibrance. Slender typography balances the written word between two worlds: an ornate 18th-century French-style transitional serif, and a paired-down grotesque that leverages 19th-century layout trends.

French wall paneling, reinterpreted in line-work, give the brand a content system that aligns equally with elegance and minimalism. They offer a handcrafted warmth that can be applied to any surface. Photography, repurposed as textured ‘wallpaper,’ lend applications a French touch, when needed.

A branded pencil featuring the Oddity Form logo and tagline.
A branded storefront with window display.
A diptych with a classical French interior on the left side, and a tote bag showing the Oddity Form graphic system on the right side.
Oddity Form